Free Solar Power

power meter Free Solar PowerThe use of solar energy is an old concept that is gaining a lot of momentum with more recent technological advances. In fact, an increasing number of homeowners are now reaping the rewards of free solar power by installing simple systems that collect energy from the sun on a daily basis.

Free solar power dates back to the 1700’s when Horace de Saussure, a French scientist, developed a system using black paint and glass containers.  The system absorbed the heat from the sun by heating the air within the glass. This solar collector design is very much like that which is used today.

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Solar Benefits

There are so many benefits to using this free solar power.  For starters, it is an earth friendly renewable energy source. But it can also drastically reduce the amount of power you use from the electric company, saving you money.

Right now there are solar water heating systems available that are able to make up for 75% of your water heating bill.

But you still have to be careful. Even though solar energy is readily available from the sun, many systems are costly and can take over 10+ years to make up for the costs. Keep reading and I’ll give you the best info available online for using free solar power with minimal cost and setup.

Solar Collectors

One of the best options for generating free solar energy is with the use of solar panels to directly convert the suns energy to electricity. This option is great considering that it produces zero pollution and the required costs are minimal. It is as simple as using a single flat plate collector panel.

This type of collector is made up of a black heat absorber with a transparent cover. The absorber is insulated on the back and sides and is protected with an outer casing. Instead of continuing to pay the power company for all of their power, many people are opting to build their own flat collectors just like this.

Solar Home Water Heating

Many are choosing to use free solar power for home water heating and for pool heating. The first thing you need to do is to make the absorber.  This can be made out of many materials such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel, or even plastic.

A word of caution though; when choosing a material for your absorber ensure that it is compatible with all of the parts of the system to make sure that it will not corrode. If you have any questions, speak with a professional.

Solar Collector Design

Your location and the temperatures highs in your area are also important regarding the material you choose for your absorber. It is important to use a material with a great thermal bond for both tube and plate designs to ensure that you get a good transfer of heat with the completed system.

It is advised that you use absorber coating instead of black paints as they sometimes emit thermal radiation. This is as simple as putting the absorber in the right mix of chemicals which will produce a black surface for the absorber. Using this method will provide much better results.

Solar Collector Protection

Now all you need to start collecting free solar power with your flat plate collector is a glass or plastic covering. This serves to both protect the collector from weather events such as rain and to reduce heat loss of the collector itself, making it more efficient.

I hope you have a great time building your own free solar power collector for easy use with water heating.

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 Free Solar Power

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